About Us

Seattle Writing Contest is a Seattle-based organization with a very simple goal:

Host a writing contest and host it well.

In order to deliver on this, we have separated the process in a way that makes sense.

First, we screen all submitted works based on a standard, point-based metric. This limits the sway that individual bias might create on our results, helping to ensure reliability and fairness in the screening process.

We then send the screened finalists to invited judges, who are well researched and handpicked:

  • Editors
  • Literary Agents
  • Publishers
  • And other Literary Gatekeepers

We seek to aid these professionals in an effective search for qualified talents and understand it is they who are able to open the doors for prospective writers.

Every length is also taken to ensure that all submitted works are protected from contractual publication or plagiarism on any level.

Understanding our part in the process is the key

Seattle Writing Contest understands that the final product is not winning a single contest. The final product is a talented, passionate writer connected to all the right doors and contacts within the literary world.

We are not about celebrity photos of our staff or over-glorifying our brand. We are a group of dedicated people working quietly and diligently to deliver the attention of industry gatekeepers.



Seattle has changed the world.

Whether it be Amazon, Microsoft, Boeing or Costco, Seattle has never been out of touch with the spirit of competition. Seattle Writing Contest recognizes the value competition done right and how it drives us all into the future.

The Geum Rossii…

…or by its common name, Ross Avens, is easily found throughout North America. We feature a specific variation of the Ross Avens, the Depressum, in our logo.

The Depressum, endemic to the mountains of Washington State, is considered threatened and endangered due to their natural rarity.


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